Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Barnard Home Then and Now

Harry and Marion Barnard moved into 5543 University Avenue about 1908. Mr. Barnard was the food and drug commissioner for the state of Indiana and he frequently made the news for closing down bakeries or other unsanitary food establishments. Mrs. Barnard was an active suffragette and clubwoman in Irvington. She corresponded with her sister, a dentist, in New Hampshire regularly. These letters are now on file in the Indiana Historical Society. Numerous other families and individuals have lived in this home including Guy Shadinger. Dr. Shadinger was a chemistry professor at Butler University and in 1925 he was named the most handsome professor on campus. (See next post)

The older photo of the home was taken in 1925. The newer photo of 5543 was shot in 2010.

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