Sunday, September 4, 2011

C.L. Stokesberry Painting

Chester L. Stokesberry (1895-1984) dwelled at 352 Burgess Avenue for decades. Mr. Stokesberry was one of the many talented artists to call Irvington home. While he specialized in landscapes, he also painted portraits. Relatives of Mr. Stokesberry have confirmed that the woman in the portrait is not his first or second wife. Much like the Mona Lisa, we shall just have speculate as to whom she might be. This painting was completed in 1933. You may learn more about the Stokesberry family by clicking on the link below.


  1. Hi thanks for the great info on stokesberry. My grandmother has a painting called October. Do you have any info on that painting? Can send pics if you like.

  2. Michel, I would love to see a photo of "October!" It would be great to post it on here. I don't know anything about the painting, but I am in contact with the family. Perhaps if you send me a scan at then I will forward it on to my source. Thanks for your note.