Sunday, September 14, 2014

Arlington Avenue Home c1942 and Today

In 1942, Jeannette Corey, who dwelled at 268 South Arlington Avenue posed next to the family car. The Coreys must have been well known in the neighborhood because Rollie and Myrtle Corey had ten children!  Behind young Jeannette, you can clearly see the two-story dwelling at 302 South Arlington Avenue.  Philip and Venetta Ochs dwelled there in 1942.  Mr. Ochs was a city fireman.  The home was built on speculation in 1924. The White family were the first to dwell in the modest house.  L.S. Ayres Department Store employed James C. White as a carpet layer.  A contemporary photo reveals that the home has only been slightly altered. You will notice the replacement of an upper window and the addition of a gabled roof upon the garage.  The balustrade railing upon the porch roof has been removed at some point in time as well; however, the home still retains the original 1920s-era clapboard siding and windows.

Jeannette Corey stood next to the family car c1942 at her home at 268 South Arlington Avenue. Behind her, you can see the north facade of 302 South Arlington Avenue.

302 South Arlington Avenue in 2014.  (Photo taken along Oak Avenue)
The historic photo is courtesy of the descendants of the Corey family via  

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