Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Brand New House in Emerson Heights--1911

Harold and Nell Scott moved into their dream home at 626 North DeQuincy Street in 1911.  The large American Four Square would also house their new baby, Martha Scott. Mr. Scott had done quite well and he soon worked his way up to becoming vice president of a local clothing company. Perhaps longing for an even more upscale address, the Scotts eventually built a beautiful home at 5435 Pleasant Run Parkway in 1923.  In this photo, taken shortly after the construction of the home in 1911, you can not only see the their beautiful dwelling, but also the lovely house next door at 630 North DeQuincy Street. In the distance, you can see a two-story home in the 600 block of North Wallace Avenue. To view a contemporary image these houses today, click on the link below.

Newly constructed in 1911:  626 North DeQuincy Street
The historic image is courtesy of Martha Scott Baum.  

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