Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Stevenson Home Along Audubon Road

Robert and Mary Stevenson moved into 275 South Audubon Road in 1915.  They rented the home from John R. Gray, a developer who built several houses on the site of the former Irvington schools. Mrs. Stevenson was proud of her new home and its decor and she documented a few of the lovely rooms with her "Brownie" camera. Interior photos from her home on Audubon Road captured the fact that she kept up with the times by furnishing the Stevenson house with  lovely Arts and Crafts-era furniture.  On warmer days and if the windows were open, local residents might have heard the sounds of burgeoning pianists who received lessons from Mary Stevenson. She taught piano to local Irvingtonians for many years.  Her beautiful piano, seen in the photo below, remained in the family until the 1960s.  Other shots from her albums show that she enjoyed visiting with her new neighbors. In one photo, she sat upon the stone stoop at 269 South Audubon Road c1916.  She also documented a new resident in the Stevenson home, Edward Lollis, the orphaned nephew of Mr. Stevenson.  The young man can be seen dressed as Charlie Chaplin, the most celebrated film star of the 1910s. The family would not remain on Audubon Road for long, however, as they soon would be moving into one of the grandest homes along East Washington Street.

Stay tuned for more posts on the Stevenson family. The historic images are courtesy of Ted Lollis.

Mrs. Stevenson played this beautiful grand piano in her home at 275 South Audubon Road in 1915

The Stevensons furnished their home at 275 South Audubon Road  in 1915 with the latest Arts and Crafts era furniture.

 Edward Lollis dressed up as Charlie Chaplin in 1915 in front of his new home at 275 South Audubon Road. Behind him, you can see his bike resting against the front porch. 

Mary Pulver Stevenson visited with her neighbors at 269 South Audubon Road c1916. The Hogate family dwelled in the Arts and Crafts American Four Square home at the time.  Behind Mrs. Stevenson, you can also see the double at 261-63 South Audubon Road.  

275 South Audubon Road c1915

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