Saturday, August 29, 2015

East Washington Street Double 1949 and 2015

In 1949, Samuel Wheeler posed for this photo next to his Ford Coupe in the driveway of 5115 East Washington Street. This home is no longer standing.  To his left, you can barely see the brick American Four Square at 5117 East Washington Street. It was at that point in its history the Blackwell Funeral Home.  Behind him, you can see the facade of the double at 5118-20 East Washington Street.  The Wilkens and Rahn family dwelled in that double throughout much of the 1950s.  Although a Bradford Pear Tree in the parking lot of the Speedway Gas Station made it impossible to capture the exact view in 2015, I tried to stand close to where Mr. Wheeler stood sixty-six years ago.

Samuel Wheeler posed next to his 1949 Ford Coupe. The white clapboard house to his right  (our left) was located at 5115 East Washington Street and is no longer standing.  

5118-20 East Washington Street in 2015
The historic image is courtesy of the Wheeler family via  

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