Saturday, September 12, 2015

South Audubon Road Bungalow 1941 and 2015

On May 30, 1941, George and Barbara Long posed for this photo with their infant son, George, Jr. in front of their home at 346 South Audubon Road.  Mr. Long worked as a ruler for a ledger company. Mrs. Long taught Sunday school at the Irvington Presbyterian Church. She had been in an auto accident as a young woman and had suffered some paralysis so the couple needed a one story home. Thankfully, she regained the use of both of her arms and legs. The Longs lived in the modest bungalow for over fifty years.

Barbara and George Long posed with their son, George Jr. on May 30, 1941 in front of 346 South Audubon Road.

346 South Audubon Road in 2015
The historic image is courtesy of George William Long, IV.  

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