Sunday, May 22, 2016

Downey Avenue on a Snowy Day

Dick Palmer and Mildred Orr Palmer, moved into a walkup apartment at 55 South Downey Avenue in 1947. Mr. Palmer had just completed his stint with the Air Force and had a job at a filling station on Meridian Street. Mrs. Palmer stayed home to raise the couple's first child, Janet. Their tenure along Downey Avenue was brief as Mr. Palmer received a job with Western Adjustment and Inspection Company (later known as General Adjustment Bureau) in Muncie, Indiana.  Living in the downstairs apartment at the time was Lorin and Wilma Mae Eichhorn Sentiff.  Mr. Sentiff was an inspector while Mrs. Sentiff was an elementary school teacher.

Sometime in 1947 and just after a snowstorm, the Palmers grabbed their camera and their toddler, Janet, to take a walk.  They snapped several scenes including these lovely shots on Downey Avenue.

Mildred Orr Palmer and Janet Palmer enjoyed a snowy day in Irvington in 1947 in the front yard of 55 South Downey Avenue.  

Downey Avenue looking south towards East Washington Street: The house most visible in the photo is that of 23 South Downey Avenue. The Negley family dwelled there in 1947. You can also see the rear of the Moynahan Apartments at 5345 East Washington Street.

23 South Downey Avenue in 2016

Richard and Mildred Palmer rented the upper story of this home at 55 South Downey Avenue in 1947.  
The historic images and stories for this post are courtesy of Janet Chapman and Dick Palmer. 


  1. Great photos and interesting text! Thank you Mr. Gulde! You do a great job!