Monday, June 13, 2016

East Washington Street Then and Now

Sometime in the spring of 1941, Barbara Jones who dwelled at 273 South Ritter Avenue, snapped this photo of her friends Louise and Carol.  We do not know their last names so if anyone recognizes these young ladies then drop me a note. Behind the girls, you can see the doubles at 5132-34 and 5136-38 East Washington Street.  Beyond the doubles, you can get a view of the Victoria Apartments located at 5124 East Washington Street. Little has changed with the two doubles seventy-five years after this photo was snapped. Louise and Carol would have no difficulty recognizing their former neighborhood.

Young ladies identified as "Louise" and "Carol" stand in the 5100 block of East Washington Street in 1941.  

The doubles at 5132-34 and 5136-38 East Washington Street in 2016  
The historic image is courtesy of the Jones Family collection.  

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