Monday, November 14, 2016

Life Along Dewey Avenue

The Schweiters family dwelled in the bungalow at 6076 Dewey Avenue for decades. They raised their two daughters, Barbara and Dorothy, in the dwelling and the family watched as the city line near their home moved to the east as a result of the Marbar development. Photographs from the Deedee Davis collection reveal snapshots of life along the quiet street in the early 1940s.

Dorothy Schweiters looked on as her daughters, Barbara and Dorothy, posed along their front walk at 6076 Dewey Avenue in 1943.

Little Barbara Schweiters posed for this snapshot near an unidentified neighbor sometime during the winter of 1940. Behind the young girl, you can see the houses on the north side of Dewey Avenue looking towards Arlington Avenue. The Ricketts, Brennen, Spitzer, and Ashcroft families might have been home when this photo was taken of their front yards and porches. 

Little Barbara Schweiters of 6076 Dewey Avenue ran towards the photographer on a winter's day in 1940. Behind her, you can see the city line of Indianapolis and the open farmland beyond Sheridan Avenue. The Turk, Maloy, Harrison, and McVey families dwelled along the north side of Dewey Avenue and might have noticed the photography session. 

Irene Spitzer (6064 Dewey Avenue), Mary Jo Harding, Barbara Schweiters, and Dorothy Schweiters gathered for this photograph on September 19, 1944, in front of the Schweiters family home at 6076 Dewey Avenue.

Hugh Maloy--on the top step (6104 Dewey Avenue), Ann Shumaker, Dorothy Schweiters, and Barbara Schweiters gathered at 6076 Dewey Avenue in the winter of 1945.  

Barbara Schweiters stood in front of the family home at 6076 Dewey Avenue on February 7, 1943.

The Schweiters family home c1950 on a lovely summer's day....

The historic photographs and stories are courtesy of Deedee Davis. 

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