Sunday, July 9, 2017

Beloved Neighbors--The Long Family of 346 South Audubon Road

George and Barbara Long dwelled at 346 South Audubon Road for many decades. Their good friends and former neighbors, William and Inez Kistner, lived down the street at 263 South Audubon Road. Mr. Long worked as a ruler for a ledger company. Robert Kistner, the son of William and Inez Kistner, wrote of Mrs. Long in his unpublished memoir, "I learned about being kind from Barbara Long." Mrs. Long had been in a terrible traffic accident and was blind in one eye. She had been a teacher and had no children at the time that young Bobby was growing up so she treated him like one of her own. She took him to see Snow White at the Irving Theater and she held Easter egg hunts in her yard for him. In 1940, the Longs joyfully announced the birth of their son, George.

Inez Kistner, who is closest to the photographer, visited with Barbara and George Long in their home at 346 South Audubon Road c1941.   (photo courtesy of Robert Kistner and Elizabeth Bodi)

Barbara and George Long posed with their son George in the spring of 1941 in the front yard of their home at 346 South Audubon Road. (photo courtesy of George William Long, IV) 

The Long Bungalow in September of 2015

Barbara Long posed with her son, George, Jr, Bobby Kistner, and Joseph Cummings, a neighbor at 340 South Audubon in 1942. Mr. Cummings was a factory foreman. His wife, Marceine was not pictured.  (photo courtesy of Robert Kistner and Elizabeth Bodi) 

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