Saturday, January 13, 2018

Mary Pulver Stevenson in the late 1930s

Mary Pulver eloped with Robert Stevenson in 1909. The couple eventually settled in Irvington and dwelled in three separate houses together. In 1915, they adopted Robert's ten-year-old nephew, Edward Lollis. The family dwelled at 275 South Audubon Road, 5698 East Washington Street (demolished), and in their final home together at 56 South Irvington Avenue. Mr. Stevenson died in 1939. We do not know the occasion for this photo, but Mrs. Stevenson posed for the snapshot sometime in the late 1930s. Behind her, you can see Julian Avenue when it was a brick street and also the rear of IPS #57.  If you look closely, you can also see some residences along South Ritter Avenue in the distance.  After her husband's passing, Mrs. Stevenson moved to 112 Johnson Avenue where she remained for many years. She taught Sunday school at the Irvington Presbyterian Church.  You may read more about the Stevenson or Lollis family by clicking on the links below.  

Mary Pulver Stevenson (1884-1969) posed for  this image sometime in the late 1930s in her front yard at 56 South Irvington Avenue. Behind her, you can see School #57 and homes along South Ritter Avenue.  
This photo is courtesy of Ted Lollis.  

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