Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tony Hinkle in Irvington--1921-1928

Paul D. "Tony" Hinkle (1898-1992) began his storied coaching career at Butler University's Irvington campus. After playing football and basketball for the University of Chicago, he was asked by his friend and Chicago alum, Harlan Page (320 North Ritter Avenue) to assist him at Butler in 1921. Hinkle's first task for the Bulldogs was to coach the baseball team. Eventually, he coached both football and basketball. When Page left Butler for Indiana University in 1926, Hinkle took over as the athletic director. Hinkle and the rest of Butler left Irvington in 1928 for the Fairview campus where he inaugurated the 1928-29 season with a win over Notre Dame in one of the largest fieldhouses in the nation at the time. The huge arena would later be named for him in 1965 while he was still the athletic director for Butler.

Hinkle boarded and rented in a variety of houses and apartments while coaching at the Irvington campus. He lived above a storefront at 5604 East Washington Street (demolished) and he dwelled the longest at 14 North Irvington Avenue. (demolished) He and his wife Jane eventually moved into an apartment on North Meridian Street in the early 1930s to be closer to the Fairview campus.

In the images posted above, Tony Hinkle poses for a Butler yearbook photographer in 1922 and 1928.

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