Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hibben Avenue in Irvington

Hibben Avenue, named for a prominent Irvington family, is one of the "newer" streets in the neighborhood. The avenue is filled with modest homes built after 1917. The first resident of the block was Jesse Lowes and his family. They dwelled at 5442 Hibben. By 1922 contractors had built seven more homes. In 1923 George Bell lived at 5423 Hibben. Throughout the mid-1920s that home served as the headquarters for the Butler fraternity Tau Kappa Tau. In the late 1920s and early 1930s, a manufacturing agent, Paul G. Craver and his family lived in the small bungalow.

The images reveal Hibben Avenue today and in 1924. The picture of the oldest house on the block was taken in the summer of 2011. (5442 Hibben Avenue) It is the first image of a home in the series. Another contemporary shot shows the south side of the street. The historic image, taken in 1924, shows the Tau Kappa Tau house, and the contemporary photo reveals the structure today. More research is needed on this interesting street.

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