Sunday, October 2, 2011

209 Downey Avenue--1919

Previous posts have revealed some interesting historic shots of 209 Downey Avenue, but today you shall have an opportunity to see a few incredible interior shots taken in 1919. The home, although built as a private residence, served as a fraternity house for Butler University throughout the 1920s. These interesting photos reveal so many details about the house and the young men who dwelled here.

In the top photo, the Betas gather in the entryway around a piano. I wondered if they wheeled the instrument into the room or whether it always rested there. One young man sings while he is playing the banjo. Seated on the piano, one member plays the violin while two others sing. I presume the rest are to supposed to be singing, but some are and some are not. Note the beautiful late-nineteenth century newell post on the staircase and the stained glass window above them. I also like the wall paper and the the light fixture.

In the second photo, the same group of young men gather in the home's parlor. Dog lovers will immediately note the two pooches resting on the rug. The members have hung important symbols around the room and they have a winning cup resting on the gorgeous mantel piece. Notice the lovely tile surrounding the fireplace. This canned photo also reveals that the parlor appears to be spartanly furnished, but some large heavy pieces of furniture managed to provide a seat for most of the men. Note the wonderful light fixture and the stained glass window.

In the final shot, members gather on the front porch for a group photo. You may learn more about this house by clicking on the "fraternity" or "Downey Avenue" link below. These wonderful images are courtesy of Amy Friedly.

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  1. Clearly from the second photo it is the Sigma Chi house, not the Betas :)