Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hartsock Family Images--59 N. Hawthorne Lane

The Hartsock Family lived in 59 North Hawthorne Lane from the late 1920s and into the 1940s. Harvey Hartock, a prominent Indianapolis attorney, and his wife, Bess, must have enjoyed living in this beautiful Gustav Stickley-designed house. In the first of the two images you can see the rear of the home as the Hartsocks gather along the back drive. In the second photo, you will view a child's birthday celebration in the dining room. The exterior photo not only shows most of the rear of the Hartsock house, but also of 63 North Hawthorne Lane. Note the upper sleeping porch on that house. The interior shot is a lovely image of Mr. and Mrs. Hartsock, presumably with a grandchild in their stunning dining room. Notice the dark wood paneling behind them. The cake also looks delicious over seventy years later. These photos were likely taken around 1941 and are courtesy of Brian and Emily Mack. You may learn more about this house by following the Gustav Stickley link below.

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