Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Bruckman Sisters Go For A Drive--1942

In this wonderful photo, Christine and Joan Bruckman pose next to their brother's car. George Bruckman was serving in the navy at the time as World War II had begun. The sisters are decked out in their traveling coats and hats and are deliberately standing in front of the fender of the car. Apparently, they had a slight mishap and scratched George's beautiful automobile. They confessed to this minor accident to their brother nearly sixty years later!

Behind the young ladies you will note 136-138 (a double) and 132 South Hawthorne Lane. Russell Whiteman, an engineer, and his wife Beatrice lived on one side of the duplex in 1942 while Carl Fenley, a machine operator, and his wife Esther lived on the other side. John and Beatrice Risch lived in the Dutch Colonial Revival home at 132 South Hawthorne. He was a florist.

The contemporary photo, taken in 2011, reveals that the homes have been slightly altered since 1942, but retain many of the features known to the Bruckmans, who lived across the street. You may read more about the Bruckmans by clicking on the link below. The historic image and Bruckman Family lore are courtesy of Don Rouse.

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