Monday, December 5, 2011

Bruckman Ice & Coal Company--203 Good Avenue

Bruckman Ice & Coal Company served the east side of Indianapolis for 35 years. Housed at 203 Good Avenue, John D. Bruckman, Sr. bought an existing coal delivery company from the Coons Family in 1928 and operated on the site until 1963. Strategically situated along the Pennsylvania Railroad, Mr. Bruckman paid $100 for a spur so that the coal and ice could be delivered and the empty containers picked up via rail.

It was a family business as Mrs. Bruckman kept the books in the office and one son, John R. Bruckman, Jr. took over the business and added oil as part of the delivery service. Most homes in Irvington were fired by coal so business remained steady until many residents started to install natural gas furnaces.

The top photo shows Edward Leak, John D. Bruckman, Sr., and John R. Bruckman, Jr. taken around 1950. Mr. Leak was the only non-family member to receive a salary from the company. The contemporary photos show the site in 2011. The historic image is courtesy of Don Rouse.

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