Friday, December 30, 2011

Ellenberger Park Swim Team--1960

Prior to the purchase of Ellenberger Park in 1910 by the city of Indianapolis, this tract of land was known as Ellenberger Woods by local Irvingtonians. Over the decades, the city added trails, tennis and basketball courts, a skating rink, and a swimming pool. Hundreds and perhaps thousands of east side residents learned to swim in this pool or cool off on a hot summer afternoon. In this photo members of the Ellenberger Park Swim Team pose for a photo after winning the city championship in 1960. Dave Hines served as the swim coach. He also coached basketball at Washington High School. I am especially indebted to Nancy Hoff for not only submitting this photo, but including the names of most of the young people in the picture. They are listed below.

Ellenberger Swim Team – 1960
Standing: Coach Dave Hines
Steve Koepper, Will Lamb, Chuck Kiskaden, John Purvis, Dick Carpenter, Don ?, Linda Walton, Pat Overmeyer, Linda Gibbs, Kathy Griffin, Sharon Mosley
Leaning: Jack Hildebrant, Leda Williamson, Steve Doll, Dave Hollingsworth, Mandy Gelarden, Sarah Long, Margaret Surface, John Marlat, Mary Beth O’Brien, John Potts, Billy Argeropolis, Billy Overmeyer
On Knees: Kathy Williams, Randy Bohall, Phil Bohall, Bill Hoff, Lucy Marlatt, Pam Sparks, Sherene Personett, Nancy Hoff, Mary Murry, Jane Walden, Sandy Cherry
Squatting: Greg Macall, Greg’s friend, Sandy Doll, Mary Murry’s friend, Susie Hines, Sandy Mosley, Sue Cherry, Pete McArthur, Bill Hurrley, Craig?
Sitting: ???, Frank Lemons, ??? Red, Jerry Burk, Steve Hurrley, Cindy Cherry, 1960 Trophy Award, Theresa Hurrley, Diana Don’s sister, Michelle Mosley, ??? Potts, Karen Darling, Danny Potts, Elizabeth Murry, Kandy Doll

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  1. This brings back wonderful memories! Those were the days, my friend...