Thursday, December 8, 2011

307 South Audubon--Another View

Some houses in Irvington are better documented than others. Earlier this year, Vintage Irvington profiled images of 307 South Audubon Road taken in the 1920s. One of our readers recently stumbled upon those photos and sent images of that same house shot in the 1970s. Charles Germaine, spent the first ten years of his life in that tall home. His parents, Richard and Linda Germaine, purchased the house in 1969.

Charles reports that he had a happy childhood in the neighborhood. He played with the neighborhood children and he loved to walk down to the neighborhood market in the 200 block of South Audubon Road. His brothers all had paper routes near the home. By the 1970s, the house had seen better days. His family eventually moved away in 1978 so that his father would not have the long drive to Allison's Transmission on the west side of the city.

In 2006, the home went on the market. Charles had the opportunity to frequent an open house in his old haunt. He noted that the home had changed some from his childhood. After being completely renovated in the 1990s, the hardwood floors, woodwork, and fireplace gleamed. The porch had also been altered. His photos show the original historic porch and a hedge that used to grow along the front sidewalk.

In the top photo, a very young Charles Germain stands in the rear yard of his home around 1976. Behind him sits the small detached garage that belonged to 275 South Audubon Road, and the back of the large double at 261-263 South Audubon Road.

In the second photo, Paul Sexson, the brother Charles Germain, opens one of his Christmas presents in 1975. Note the beautiful mantel behind him. In the 1990s all of the paint was removed from the fireplace and the woodwork on the lower level of the home.

The third photo shows the the house when it was put on the market in 1978 for the listing price of $27, 500. Ludlow Realtors advertised it as, Large Rooms--Irvington area off Audubon Circle. Needs decorating. Partially floored attic, large garage--only six years old, has a basketball goal. Fireplace blocked off. Gas budget $44.00/month. (Stove, dishwasher, swag lamp and smoke alarm do not stay)

The bottom photo shows the home during the winter of 2010. The historic images and stories are courtesy of Charles Germaine. To learn more about this house click on the Buddenbaum link below.

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