Monday, January 14, 2013

Children Play Along University Avenue--1940

In these wonderful shots, taken in 1940, a very young Shirley Custer (5515 University Avenue) played with her friends. In the top photo, she posed with her beloved dog, Taffy. Behind her you can see a bricked University Avenue and part of 5514-16 University Avenue. In the middle photo, Shirley Custer and her friend Beverly Stevenson rode a new bike. Behind the girls, you can see nearly all of the very large Arts and Crafts double at 5514-16 University Avenue. In the bottom photo, likely taken in 1939, Shirley Custer posed with her friends and neighbors, Betty Carol and Beverly Stevenson. The photographer is facing west towards the intersection of University and Ritter Avenues. These historic images are courtesy of the Custer family.

Shirley Custer (5515 University Avenue) posed with her dog Taffy in 1940

Shirley Custer and Beverly Stevenson played along the 5500 block of University Avenue in 1940

Shirley Custer, Betty Carol, and Beverly Stevenson posed for this photo in the yard of 5515 University Avenue in 1939.

5514-16 University Avenue in the summer of 2012

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