Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Vibrant Color Photo Along Hawthorne Lane--1959

This candid and vibrant colorful photograph was taken of "Frank and Mamie" on their anniversary in 1959.  The photographer is standing in the front yard at 25 N. Hawthorne Lane and is facing west.  Behind the couple, you can see 22 N. Hawthorne Lane.  This is the kind of photograph that you can stare at for quite sometime because there is so much detail.  Notice the amazing cars parked along the street for the celebration.  Thomas F. Daily and his wife Mary dwelled at 25 N. Hawthorne Lane in 1959. Mr. Daily worked for the Indianapolis Police Department.  The white house (22 N. Hawthorne Lane) across the street from the Dailys looks very similar in 2013 although the porch columns have been changed and the home has been clad with vinyl.  This historic image is courtesy of the descendants of the Daily family via

22 North Hawthorne Lane in 1959

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