Friday, May 17, 2013

Ellenberger Park 1943 and Today

I love it when readers respond to posts.  After reading my most recent blurb on Ellenberger Park, Don Rouse, a frequent contributor to this blog sent in some wonderful images of the park from 1943.  His mother, Christine Bruckman, worked at the Missions Building at 222 Downey Avenue.  She along with two of her coworkers trekked to Ellenberger Park in April of 1943 to take a few photos.  Mr. Rouse also included a few Bruckman family shots from 1943. The park has changed significantly since those days.  You will note that there are more trees along the stream today and that the old wooden bridge has been replaced.  Thank you, Don Rouse for your timeliness!

Christine Bruckman (center) and two of her  unidentified colleagues from the Missions Building pose along the pathways of Ellenberger Park, April 1943

Bruckman family and friends:  Top Left--Christine Bruckman, Lower Right--Joan Bruckman, Front--John Bruckman c1943 in Ellenberger Park with two unidentified ladies.  

Christine Bruckman (left) with two colleagues in Ellenberger Park (April, 1943)

Elsie Cook Liverette stands on the old wooden bridge at Ellenberger Park in 1943

Pleasant Run Creek in Ellenberger Park in 1943

The bridge in Ellenberger Park in 2013
Pleasant Run Creek in 2013


  1. Love the first photo with the three ladies on the asphalt steps! That hill was a little steeper than it appears in this photo. It is looking south from the asphalt "lot" between the pool bathhouse and the concession stand. The tennis courts would be to the left, down the hill. The bicycle path to the ladies' right avoided the bumps of the steps.

    1. We used to ride our bicycles down these steps to enjoy the bumps!

  2. "Kids" of all ages still ride their bikes down that path, Steve! Get your cycle out and relieve those years! Now, of course, people wear helmets.

    1. I need to check that out, Bill. I would have thought that the ice skating rink and pavilion wiped that out...