Sunday, May 19, 2013

Irvington Presbyterian Church Then and Now

Two different artists captured the Irvington Presbyterian Church shortly after the construction of the current building in 1928.  Photographer W. Frank Jones snapped a shot of the church c1930.  Then, local etcher and illustrator Frederick Polley (371 South Emerson Avenue) sat down with his pad and sketched the building for the Indianapolis Star in the winter of 1930.  Mr. Polley, a well known artist and teacher at Arsenal Technical High School, was widely known around Indiana and the nation for his architectural drawings.  Each Sunday, thousands of Hoosiers read his blurbs about Indiana landmarks complete with his original illustrations.  Since he called Irvington home, several landmarks including the Irvington Presbyterian Church were featured in the paper.  Mr. Polley's family is working on a biography of this talented and interesting Irvington artist.  Little is known of the photographer, W. Frank Jones, so if any of our readers can offer insight then drop me a note at  The historic photograph of the church is courtesy of Bob Alloway.

Irvington Presbyterian Church c1930

Irvington Presbyterian Church featured in the Indianapolis Star, January 19, 1930

Irvington Presbyterian Church in 2013

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