Friday, September 27, 2013

The House at the End of the Block

This modest two-story carpenter-built home has stood at 5959 Beechwood Avenue since the early twentieth century.  Eugene and Winefred Huber dwelled in the home in 1910. Mr. Huber, age 35, was an upholsterer.  Mrs. Huber stayed at home with the couple's two daughters, Ruth, 11, and Ester, 8.  By the mid-twentieth century when this photo was snapped, the Wolven family dwelled in the house.  Everett A. Wolven arose very early each morning and drove his truck to the city market where he purchased produce that he would then sell to small grocers throughout eastern Indiana.  It was a family business and they parked the trucks in the driveway of the home.  One very particular neighbor along the street filed a complaint with the city about the trucks as she thought it was unsightly for these vehicles to be visible from Beechwood Avenue.  In the end, the Wolvens were allowed to park their trucks in the driveway.  Nina Gertrude Pope Wolven helped with the business as well as running the household.  The Wolven family dwelled in the home for decades.  Sadly, Mr. Wolven passed away in 1969 at the age of 57.  Mrs. Wolven outlived him by twenty-four years.

The subject of this photo, taken in 1957, was not of the very visible Wolven house, but rather of the McCleery family, who dwelled at 5949 Beechwood Avenue.  The Wolvens would have no problem recognizing their home today as it looks very similar as it did in this snapshot.  This historic image is courtesy of Chuck McCleery.

The McCleery family in the backyard of 5949 Beechwood Avenue in 1957.  Beyond the children you can see 5959 Beechwood Avenue, the home of the Wolven family.  

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