Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Family Gathering on Berry Avenue--1949

Family was very important to Mary York of 121 South Berry Avenue.  During the holidays, two of her daughters, Maryetta York Abell and Anna Belle York Dickerson, would arrive at the York home to help prepare for big meals days in advance.  The York home became the center of life for several extended family members.  Maryetta just lived a few doors down on Berry Avenue so her three sons spent much time with their grandparents.  Anna Belle lived along Bosart and later on both Ridgeview Drive and Graham Avenue so her children also found time to feast and play in the home.  In this photo, taken on Thanksgiving Day in 1949, Mrs York had set out her finest china and cutlery. T. Edgar York, the patriarch of the family was not in the photo, nor was son-in-law Leland Dickerson as he was likely the photographer.  In the photo, Anna Belle York Dickerson looked upon her daughter Linda in a high chair while her son Robert chatted with his cousins across the table.  Maryetta York Abell sipped on some coffee or tea.  Next to her and in the center of the photo sat her son Jerry Abell.  Etta York (5721 Bonna Avenue), the mother-in-law to Mary York, looked upon two generations of her family.  Next to her, Richard, also known as Dickie, leaned in while his older brother Tommy pensively looked at the photographer. They were both sons of Maryetta and Hanley Abell.  The proud matriarch, Mary York, sat at the far right of the table with her apron on because more courses were likely on the way.  Note the beautiful side cupboard that graced the dining room for decades.  Mrs. York's favorite plates sat atop a rail along all of the dining room walls.

The York family gathers at 121 South Berry Avenue in 1949
This historic image is courtesy of Leland Dickerson. To see 121 South Berry Avenue in 2014 click on the Google link below.  A sizable addition has been placed onto the home since the Yorks lived there.

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