Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Lindeman Cottage on Michigan Street

Dr. Robert and Mary Margaret Blottman Lindeman moved into their brand new brick cottage at 5234 East Michigan Street in 1938.  The young couple situated the front door to face Michigan Street, but placed a side porch and entrance along Ellenberger Parkway West Drive.  Giant picture windows on the eastern facade of the dwelling allowed them to see Ellenberger Park.  They built a matching and tasteful brick detached garage in the backyard.  The couple had three children and remained in the house for the next several decades.  Dr. Lindeman served as dentist on the east side for over 46 years with offices along East Tenth Street.

Mary Ann Lindeman posed next to Santa in December of 1939. If you look closely you can see that the mail slot had recently been placed into the front door as you can see the ghosts of the numbers 5234 around the slot.  The Lindemans dwelled at 5234 East Michigan Street for many decades. You can also see the side of 5232 East Michigan Street.

The Lindeman cottage at 5234 East Michigan Street in 2015.  The front door has no porch, but serves as the official entrance to the home.  Clearly, the lovely side porch serves as the real entrance to the home.

5234 East Michigan Street in 2015.  Note the matching brick garage in the rear of the backyard.  The Lindemans likely planted the lovely magnolia tree in the front yard.  
The historic image is courtesy of Diana Kelly.  


  1. I was trying to figure out where that is, exactly (I lived at t he corner f Layman and Michigan, one block easy of Ritter). Google Maps got me there. I didn't know the people who lived there, but did know the family living just north of the corner. (Blanking on first name) Mrs. Hine and my mother taught together, and I had about 3 dates with Susie Hine in 1966-67...Long time ago...

    1. Dave Hines was the coach of the Ellenberger Park Swim Team. We won the City championship in 1960. See for a photo him and Susie.
      He was a wonderful man!

    2. Thanks for sharing that. Susie would have been 9 or 10 in 1960...wonder where she is these days...

    3. Drove by there last night. There is one additional house between the Lindeman's house and the Hines' house. It faces the park.