Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Winter Scene 1944 and Today

Norman and Lora Koepper took turns posing with two of their children, Paul and Susan, on a winter's day in 1944.  The Koeppers dwelled in a Craftsman bungalow at 5263 East Tenth Street. Behind the happy family, you can see 5256 and 5260 East Tenth Street. 71 years later, I returned to the scene after a recent snowstorm on February 21, 2015, to snap the same houses.  In 1944, Louis and Winifred Schade dwelled in the Tudor-Revival house at 5250 East Tenth Street. The Schades ran a local motel. Norine Sparks dwelled in the cottage at 5260 East Tenth Street.  Sadly, she lived alone in the house as her husband, Robert, had passed away at a very young age in 1942.  To learn more about the lives of the Koepper family, click on the label below.

Norman Koepper posed with his children, Paul and Susan Koepper, in the winter of 1944.

Lora Koepper beamed as she posed with her children, Paul and Susan Koepper. Behind the family, you can see 5256 and 5260 East Tenth Street in the winter of 1944.  

5256 and 5260 East Tenth Street on February 21, 2015
The historic images are courtesy of Steve Koepper.  

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