Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Beautiful Spring Wedding in Irvington--1948

Walter Hershel Carey and Merry Jo Kessler likely breathed a sigh of relief when they awoke on the morning of May 16, 1948, to see that it was a beautiful day to have a wedding in Irvington.  The couple had met a year earlier.  Both were employed.  Mr. Carey  had worked stateside during World War II and by 1948 served as a salesman for the William Lynn Chemical Company.  He rented a small apartment in nearby Woodruff Place.  Miss Kessler leased a room from Anna Susman, the widow of John Susman, at 5145 East Michigan Street in the Pleasanton section of Irvington.  During World War II, Miss Kessler worked at the P.R. Mallory Defense Plant where she learned how to use an early calculator called the Comptometer.

On the day of their wedding, family members converged at the Irvington Methodist Church.  Mr. Carey's family hailed from New Castle while Miss Kessler's people drove in from Kokomo. They held their reception in the church as well.  The couple did not remain in Irvington for very long as they moved to Broad Ripple and later into Washington Township as Mr. Carey was a rising star within the company.  Mrs. Carey stayed home and raised the couple's two children, Leslie and Brian. Devout Methodists, the pair were charter members of the Epworth Methodist Church on Allisonville Road.  They took their vows seriously on this date in 1948 and remained together for the rest of their lives.

Walter Carey united in matrimony with his lovely bride, Merry Jo Kessler, on May 16, 1948, in the Irvington Methodist Church.

The Deed is Done!  Mr. and Mrs. Carey exited the Irvington Methodist Church on May 16, 1948.  

Merry Jo and Walter Carey opened gifts inside the Irvington Methodist Church on May 16, 1948.  

About to be a Bride:  Merry Jo Kessler looked excitedly into the nave as she was about to walk down the aisle at the Irvington Methodist Church on May 16, 1948. Her father, Joel Henry Kessler, stood next to her as did her maid of honor, Marilyn Hollingsworth, and her flower girl.  

Mr. and Mrs. Carey cut the cake inside the Irvington Methodist Church on May 16, 1948. Nearby, family members from New Castle and Kokomo, Indiana watched the ritual.  

Walter and Merry Jo Kessler Carey joyously greeted guests after marrying at the Irvington Methodist Church on May 16, 1948.  
The historic images are courtesy of Leslie Wilson.  


  1. We had our wedding reception here, the food was brought out at the right time, spaced out, and they never made us feel like they were rushing. Another plus is they didn't put the big plate of food in the middle table. We spend a lot of effort and money in the centerpiece so we didn't want them to move it half way through the party.

  2. Thanks so much for your memories and comments! If you have any family photos from the Irvington area then drop me a note at!