Saturday, March 21, 2015

Scenes Around the Irvington Methodist Church in 1948 and in 2015

Walter and Merry Jo Carey joyously departed the Irvington Methodist Church at 30 North Audubon Road on May 16, 1948, to start their newly married life.  The festivities began when Mrs. Carey stood atop the stairs and tossed down her wedding bouquet.  Behind the family members, you can see the beautiful rock wall located at 75 North Audubon Road.  The lushness of the tree canopy prevent us from seeing the stunning Thornton House on the property; however, the beautiful Craftsman home had stood on the site since 1914 and the Thornton's still dwelled there in 1948.  In another shot, friends decorated the newly married couple's car.  Behind them, you can see the cottage located at 23 North Audubon Road.  The Hui family might have been looking out one of their windows from that house to enjoy the merriment outside.  Of course, they might not have paid any heed as joyous events like this had been common here for decades.

Throwing the Bouquet:  Merry Jo Carey tossed her flowers to one lone woman hoping for a "catch."  Behind the family members, you can see the wall and home at 75 North Audubon Road on May 16, 1948.

Standing atop the stairs at the Irvington Methodist Church, you can see the same view that Merry Jo Carey saw when she joyfully tossed her bouquet.  The century-old stone wall still stands across the street and encloses the property at 75 North Audubon Road in March of 2015.     

Decorating the Car:  Friends gathered to write a few words on the windshield of the newlyweds, Walter and Merry Jo Carey, on May 16, 1948.  The house to the left at 23 North Audubon Road belonged to the Hui family in 1948.  

The grounds of the Irvington Methodist Church and a nearby house at 23 North Audubon Road can be seen in this contemporary image taken in March of 2015.  

One Last Goodbye:  Friends and family surrounded newlyweds, Walter and Merry Jo Carey, across the street from the Irvington Methodist Church as they gathered to take off for their honeymoon on May 16, 1948.  
The historic images are courtesy of Leslie Wilson.  

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