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Journal Reveals Snippets of Life in Irvington--1948

Lawrence and Nell Dufour dwelled in three houses in the Irvington area. They would in total have ten children:  Lenore, Daniel, Sussanne, Richard, Donna, Bernadette, Christopher, Victoria, Maria, and Dianne.  While Mr. Dufour worked as a salesman and traveled all over the state of Indiana, Mrs. Dufour stayed home with the children. She washed clothes every single day and diapers for at least fourteen years.  She prepared meals daily and made sure the children got off to school. Somehow she also found time be an active part of the community. In 1948, her husband gave her a journal to record and document their lives which she did faithfully for two years.  Her daily snippets reveal so much detail about their lives at their Michigan Street and Audubon Road addresses. She stopped recording events throughout the 1950s due to her busy life, but she resumed again in the 1960s.

All of the following journal entries were written while the Dufours dwelled at 5125 East Michigan Street in 1948.

5125 East Michigan Street in 2015


January 18, 1948:  Larry and I went to the Emerson this evening to see Rex Harrison and Maureen O'Hara in "The Foxes of Harrow." She is beautiful and a wonderful actress, but the picture was definitely in the "B" category.

Valentine's Day

February 14, 1948:  Daddy brought the children a large box of Fannie May Candy as a Valentine to them! To me, he sent a dozen of lovely long-stemmed roses. He is still sweet and considerate. My Valentine to my family were individual cakes which went over big.  


February 23, 1948:  Three ton of Stoker coal delivered.  The price of coal is certainly going up. $14.95 per ton.  Was $8.00 four years ago.  

5125 East Michigan Street in 1948

Memorial Day Picnic

May 30, 1948:  The whole family got together and cleaned up the yard. It is quite a job and will have to finish tomorrow. After our hard work, we had a lovely picnic in the backyard--our first this year.

Shingles  (The Dufours added shingle siding over the clapboards of 5125 East Michigan Street)

June 2, 1948:  Men putting shingles on house had to stop on account of shortage of materials...

June 9, 1948:  One week later and the job on the house is still incomplete.  

June 16, 1948:  Another week and still the job on the house is incomplete.  

5125 East Michigan Street in 1947

5125 East Michigan Street in 1948

5125 East Michigan Street in 1948

Baptism Celebration for Christopher Dufour

November 14, 1948:  Christopher was baptized! Julie and Bryan Grotegut (5135 Ohmer Avenue) are his godparents. Father Beechum (Joseph Beechum) baptized him at 2:30 at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. Father Beechum was our guest at dinner which everyone seemed to enjoy. The menu was:

     Roast Prime Rib of Beef
       Mashed potatoes and gravy
         Pear Nut, cherry, and lettuce salad
            Broccoli with cheese sauce
              Harvard Beets
                 Cornbread and butter
                    Chiffon Parfait Cake 


December 18, 1948:  Came home through several inches of snow. It came down suddenly and furiously. Everything looks just beautiful in this typical winter wonderland. It is our first real snowstorm this year. Daddy had the tree up when we got home. 

The photos and use of Mrs. Dufour's journal entries are courtesy of the Dufour family.  Stay tuned for more journal entries as the family moved to 53 North Audubon Road.

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