Sunday, July 19, 2015

Saying Goodbye to Their First Home--1941

Edward and Georgia May Lollis first moved into 5919 Julian Avenue in 1937. They brought their newborn child, Ted, into the home in the same year.  Ever the shrewd investor, Edward Lollis had already purchased two doubles at 5866-68 and 5872-74 Julian Avenue in 1936.  Mr. Lollis convinced his wife to move into one side of one of the doubles. Leaving the house might have been bittersweet for Mrs. Lollis as her large furniture would now have sit in a much smaller space. Not many people were buying and selling property during the Great Depression, but Mr. Lollis managed to make everything come to fruition.  He taught his son that once you get a good job you do everything you can to keep it.  With the steady income from his insurance job and from his renters, Mr. Lollis was able to make other key investments.  On May 11, 1941, the family left the large American Four Square at 5919 Julian Avenue for good.  Mrs. Lollis insisted on documenting the day so that her son would know about his first childhood home.  She started with photos of the interior of the house and then of each family member standing in front of the house.

Edward Lollis stood in front of 5919 Julian Avenue on May 11, 1941. 

Ted Lollis smiled for his family in front of his first home at 5919 Julian Avenue on May 11, 1941.

Georgia May Lollis stood along the front walk of 5919 Julian Avenue on May 11, 1941. Behind her, you can see the residences at 5925 and 5929 Julian Avenue.  

5919 Julian Avenue in the spring of 2015.  
The historic images are courtesy of Ted Lollis.

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