Sunday, October 11, 2015

Upon the Rock Then and Now

Mary Margaret Ham lived all over the United States as her father was in the military. In the late 1920s, she came to Irvington to live with her Aunt Guinevere Ostrander at 323 North Audubon Road so that she could attend Butler University.  Sometime around 1929 she posed for this photograph in the front yard of her adopted home. Behind her you can see the family Hupmobile and beyond that you can see the home of Elmer and Emma Hughes at 326 North Audubon Road.  Mr. Hughes taught at Shortridge High School as did his adult daughter, Leda, who also dwelled in the house. Miss Ham was dressed in riding attire that day and welcomed Ginger the dog into the photo.

Amazingly, in 2015 you will note that the rock that Miss Ham sat upon for the photo still rests in the same spot nearly 90 years later. The Hughes home is still lovely although there have been some small changes over the years including the removal of an upstairs dormer and the railings at the upper story windows.

Mary Margaret Ham c1929 in front yard of 323 N. Audubon Road with "Ginger"

326 North Audubon Road in 2015
The historic image is courtesy of Nancy Ostrander.