Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Who Lived Here? A University Avenue Cottage in 1926

In 1926, several thousand city residents submitted a photo to a publication titled Fellow Citizens of Indianapolis. (Jno. V. Coffield Publishing Company, Indianapolis) Most were men and all were white. Many of the citizens featured were rising stars in their profession. Irvington was well represented in the publication with dozens of names. Many of those individuals will be shared on this site.

Floyd Raymond Fisher (1892-1977) was just in the beginning of his career when he submitted his photo to the publication.  A manager for the American Central Life Insurance Company, Mr. Fisher had only recently married Elizabeth Louse Parker (1894-1989) in 1923. He likely purchased 5720 University Avenue in 1922 as a building permit record shows that he placed a furnace in the home in September of 1922. He might have also added on the Craftsman-era porch onto the small Queen Anne cottage.  By 1924, Mr. Fisher moved his wife into the house and shortly thereafter they welcomed their first son, Parker, who was born in the same year.  They would later have a second son, Floyd, Jr.

Their Irvington home was clearly just a starter house as Mr. Fisher continued to rise through the ranks of American Central Life. They left 5720 in 1930 for another 5720. Their next home was far grander and located at 5720 North Delaware Street.

If any member of the Fisher family has any photos of their time in Irvington, please contact me!

5720 University Avenue in 2015

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