Saturday, November 21, 2015

A New Fire Station--1958

For fifty five years, Irvington firemen operated out of Station Number 25 located at 5432 East Washington Street. The building had been designed for a time when horses pulled the fire wagons and not for motorized firetrucks. In need of a modern facility, the city sold the station to East Side Chevrolet located next door and built a modern structure at 17 South Sheridan Avenue. The dealership quickly tore down the historic chalet because they needed space for their booming auto sales. By November 7, 1958, Irvington firemen took up residence in their new structure. The second fire station has actually served the community longer than the first as it has been in operation for fifty seven years.

Members of Fire Station #25 gathered for one of the last photos taken at 5432 East Washington Street c1958. Note that Vogel's Furniture, an Irvington institution, used to operate in the former Odd Fellows Building next door. Both structures in this photo have been razed. (Photo: Indianapolis Public Library System Digital Photo Collection)

The Indianapolis Times published this photo of fireman Bob McDonnell on moving day in 1958 as the Irvington Fire Station relocated from 5432 East Washington Street to 17 South Sheridan Avenue. Mr. McDonnell worked for the Indianapolis City Fire Department for several decades. (Photo: Terry Wilgus)

Dignitaries gathered for a dedication ceremony in November of 1958 at the site of the new Irvington Fire Station at 17 South Sheridan Avenue. In the distance, you can see the large homes on East Washington Street. (Photo: Indianapolis Public Library, Digital Photo Collection)

The second fire station to serve Irvington has now been in operation longer than the first. It is located at 17 South Sheridan Avenue. (Photo; Bill Gulde, 2015)  


  1. Thanks Bill for another great article. dad is on the far right in the group picture. I remember Mom and Dad purchases piece by piece a set of dishes from Vogel Furniture

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