Monday, November 30, 2015

Who Lived Here? The Blumers of Michigan Street

In 1924, a young couple, Frank C. and Bernice Duval Blumer, received the keys to their newly-built home at 5120 East Michigan Street. A street car passed near their residence daily so it would have been an easy commute for Mr. Blumer to his downtown job at the L.E. Morrison & Company. Mr. Blumer had been with the company for years and was a buyer of leather products as the company was known for its quality luggage and bags. Local newspapers also reported that he was a good bowler and frequently scored well in local leagues. Mrs. Blumer stayed home and raised their son, William, who was twelve when they moved into Irvington.

In 1926, the thirty-six-year-old salesman sat down for a portrait and submitted it to a book called Fellow Citizens of Indianapolis. Life was going well for the Blumers. For reasons unknown, but at the height of the Great Depression, the Blumers moved away from their home in 1931 and rented various apartments in the area for the remainder of their lives.  The L.E. Morrison Company survived the Great Depression, but it did take a hit. Perhaps the Blumers felt it was in their best financial interests to leave their home. The McCann family moved into the American Four Square in 1932.

5120 East Michigan Street in 2015

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