Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dewey Avenue Home on a Wintery Day c1958

Charles Rich and Verla Goodwin Rich dwelled at 5936 Oak Avenue through much of the 1950s and into the early 1960s. They had one son, Dick, who graduated from Howe High School in 1957. Mr. Rich worked as a lathe operator for the International Harvester plant on Brookville Road.

In the historic photo, Verla Rich documented Charles as he shoveled the snow for the Perkins family who lived at 5925 Dewey Avenue. Harold and Lulu Perkins, both quite elderly by the 1950s, resided behind the Rich family. The couple had owned the property since 1921. City directory research indicates that the house had been converted into apartments as early as the 1920s. Mr. Perkins filed for a permit in 1944 to turn the place into an apartment building, but it is unclear if he planned to tear down the current structure or add more units into the existing home. (Indianapolis Star, July 18, 1944, 14)

The connection to the Perkins and Rich family is unknown at this time, but by 1963 the Rich family had moved away from their Oak Avenue home.

Charles F. Rich in front of the Harry and Lulu Perkins home at 5925 Dewey Avenue c1958

The historic photo and information about the Rich family is courtesy of Carol Yeager. 

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