Sunday, August 21, 2016

North Audubon Road Home 1965 and Now

In the winter of 1965, Caroline Dorsett, the wife of Wayne Dorsett, posed for this photo on the tree lawn of their home at 816 North Audubon Road. She was clearly dressed up. Was she getting ready to get into the Buick near her?  Across the street and behind Mrs. Dorsett, you can see the home at 819 North Audubon Road.  Hubert and Hannah E. Reintjes dwelled in the lovely Dutch Colonial Revival home with the green awnings in 1965. Mr. Reintjes was a salesman while Mrs. Reintjes was an office secretary.

Caroline Dorsett in front of her home at 816 North Audubon Road in 1965. Behind her, you can see 819 North Audubon Road.

819 North Audubon Road in 2016
The historic photo was provided by Emily Jarzen.

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