Monday, June 5, 2017

Irving Circle 1945 and Now

Robert Kistner grew up in the double at 263 South Audubon Road. He was the youngest child of William and Inez Kistner. The Kistners moved into the dwelling in 1936 and remained until the late 1940s.  Young Robert had many friends in the neighborhood although there were few boys his age. His best friend was Dickie Gillmore, who dwelled at 262 South Audubon Road.  The Irving Circle Park was just across the street from his home and Mr. Kistner recalled that the city would plant petunias each spring and also deliver park benches. Some of the neighborhood kids gathered in the southeast quad of the circle and played on a makeshift baseball diamond.  Audubon Road was brick in those days and the park was filled with tall shade trees.

In the photo, snapped in the fall of 1945, Robert Kistner (at the far left) gathered with his nieces and a nephew. Behind the kids, you can see the south entrance to the Irving Circle Park and the brick street. A contemporary photo, shows the park in 2017.  The historic image and stories are courtesy of Robert Kistner and Elizabeth Bodi.

Irving Circle Park in 2017

Robert Kistner (left) posed with family members, Charlie and Rita Johnson, and Carolyn McLoughlin. The photo was taken in front of 263 South Audubon Road in 1945. Behind the kids, you can see the Irving Circle Park.

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