Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Kistners Move to Audubon Road

William and Inez Kistner moved into the double at 263 South Audubon Road in 1936. They had previously dwelled in a home at 856 North Oxford Avenue along with their four children, Dolores, Teresa, John, and Robert. Mr. Kistner worked for the Indianapolis Engraving Company, but the Great Depression had not been kind to that industry so he was out of job in 1934. For two years the Kistners resided in Columbus, Ohio where Mr. Kistner found work as an engraver. The family was able to move back to Indianapolis when he was hired by the A.J. Miller Company as a salesman of ambulances and hearses. The 1940 Federal Census reveals that Mr. Kistner earned a respectable income of $2,600 in 1939.

The couple celebrated many happy moments while living in their Irvington home including the marriages of Teresa to Paul McLoughlin in 1938; Dolores to Edward Johnson in 1941; and John to Loretta Paetz in 1947. Their time along Audubon Road was not worry free, however, as John (also known as Jack) went off to fight in 1941 during World War II. Thankfully, the family celebrated his safe return after the war.

The images and stories for this post are courtesy of Robert Kistner and Elizabeth Bodi.

William (Bill) and Inez Kistner posed in front of their home at 263 South Audubon Road in 1936. The trim and columns of the duplex used to be painted dark green. The upper story was clad in stucco. The Kistners leased the home from John R. Gray.  The 1940 Federal Census reveals that they paid $35 a month. 

Inez and William Kistner stood along the sidewalk in 1936 in front of their home at 263 South Audubon Road. Behind the couple, you can see the dwelling at 262 South Audubon and the large brick home at 5631 University Avenue. 

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