Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ernest T. Earl--5631 University Avenue

The "Castle House" located across the street from the Irving Circle Park is perhaps one of the most photographed homes in the neighborhood. Built in 1876 for the Eudorus Johnson Family, it has been occupied by several other families including the Earl Family. The Earls moved into the large Victorian Gothic dwelling in the late 1890s and remained until 1913. Pictured here is Ernest Theodore Earl, the son of Henry and Anna (his first wife) Earl, standing by the front porch stoop in 1898. This rare photo shows what the home looked like before the Craftsman-era porch was added in the early twentieth century. This photo is courtesy of George and Linda Cuff.

Although upon first glance, the second photo might look like it had been shot in the 1930s, it was in fact, taken in July of 2004, by me. Many more photos and stories of this important Irvington house will be posted.

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