Sunday, February 6, 2011

131 South Butler Avenue--Then and Now

This small cottage has received a few alterations over the years. Likely built in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century, the house has hosted numerous families. In 1910, plumber Claude D. Locke and his family lived here. A boarder and nurse Elizabeth A. Evans rented a room from the Lockes. Mr. Locke had a partnership with George W. Anderson (20 South Hawthorne Lane) and operated their business out of 5442 East Washington Street. In 1923 the Alpha Delta Theta Sorority of Butler University moved their young women into the house. Since it is a small home, it was unlikely that all twenty-two members of the organization dwelled here. It has remained divided into at least two apartments since World War II. South Butler Avenue still awaits a renaissance, but is still crowded with century-old homes.

The top image shows the home in 1924 while the bottom photo was taken in the winter of 2011.

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