Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Graduation--School #57 in 1946

In 1946, the graduating class of School #57 gathered on a beautiful day to have their photo taken. Thankfully, most of these Irvingtonians have been identified!! The photo was taken by Fitch Studios located at 24 E. 14th Street in Indianapolis. At the bottom of the photo, it appears that some of the teachers have signed their names. (Nell Heathco, Genevieve Burns, Ruth Marshall, and Lorena B) Enjoy this treasure. This image and all of the names are courtesy of Ann Stewart. (Known as Ann Hart in this photo)
Top Row: Dorice Smith, Allan Darling, Morgan Sly, Jim Bredensteiner, Joyce Mitzner, Gail Marshall, Paul Grove, Betty Jenkins, Robert Becker, Jim Hueston, Bob Routh, Margie Little, Barbara Weesner, Martha Book, Jo Stevenson, Barbara Weil
Second Row: Judy Wear, Mary Jo Reed, Dottie Curry, Thelma Waterous, Mary Hine, John Farson, Charles Wickizer, Nancy King, Ann Moreland, Barbara Lamb, Janice Miles, Nina Dallas, Joe Mulcahy, Don Ward, Bob Hudson, Ginnie Miller, Jean Scott
Third Row: Ann Hart, Martha Bolte, Mary Jo Stultz, Nancy Jo Parr, Marlane Cook, Twyla Earle, Shirley Figg, Kathy Smith, Patty Rodman, Carole Morris, Bobbie Jo Taylor, Janice Sampson, Barbara Schulmeyer, Janie Murphy, Nancy Campbell, Elaine Reel
Front Row: George King, Phil Smith, Tom Reeder, Bob Jones, Julian Morgan, David Morgan, Don Olson, Edward Hasse, Bob Craig, Don Sherry, Frank Robertson

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