Monday, February 21, 2011

Color Photo--Backyard, 5930 E. Washington St.

Henrietta Ruhsenberger Hart (1896-1969) stands next to her daughter Ann and her niece Mary Ellen Stokesberry in 1955. The Harts lived at 5930 E. Washington Street (no longer standing) and Miss Stokesberry dwelled on Burgess Avenue. Both Ann and Mary Ellen went on to have successful careers away from Irvington.

In this photo, the ladies stand in the backyard of 5930 E. Washington St. Behind them is 20 N. Arlington Avenue. (still standing). In the 1950s, Mr. and Mrs. Solon Vial lived in the Arlington Avenue bungalow with their son Bob. You can tell it was springtime as a flowering tree buds behind the women along the property line. This lovely image is counter to the present day parking lot in 2011, but perhaps in the future this lot shall be pretty again. A special thanks to Ann Stewart for providing this photo.

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