Thursday, July 28, 2011

An Elegant Gathering at the Stokesberry Bungalow

This early color photo reveals an elegant birthday gathering at the Stokesberry Home at 352 Burgess Avenue. Veta Cannavan Stokesberry sits at the head of the table. Her husband, Chester likely took the picture. Sitting to Veta's right are Charles and Hattie Ruhsenberger of 5930 East Washington Street. Across the table are Isadora Louiso Cannavan (324 Burgess Avenue) and in shadow, May Louiso Markmeyer. The occasion was the birthday celebration of the two sisters Hattie and "Dora." In my attempt to make the photo larger, I have lost some of the resolution, but the photo still reveals so many interesting details. It was likely taken around 1945.

The table has a lace cloth over it and Veta Cannavan Stokesberry has pulled out lovely tea cups and plates for the event. You will also note the beautiful candles and delicious looking birthday cake. One of Chester Stokesberry's paintings hangs over the buffet in the dining room. It is also great to see the color of the wallpaper. This wonderful image is courtesy of Ann Stewart.

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