Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tea Time at an Irvington Cottage

The ladies of Burgess Avenue paused for a tea break in the backyard of Isadora Louiso Cannavan's home at 324 Burgess around 1944. Her daughter, Veta Cannavan Stokesberry lived nearby at 352 Burgess Avenue.  The leafy retreat provided a perfect respite on what appears to be a gloriously sunny Indiana day.

The people pictured in the historic image from left to right are: Veta Cannavan Stokesberry, May Louiso Markmeyer (her half-sister), Isadora Louiso Cannavan, and Mary Ellen Stokesberry. The young girl (Mary Ellen) seen in the photo graduated from Howe High School and now lives in Hawaii. The historic image is courtesy of Ann Stewart.

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