Wednesday, August 10, 2011

John and Doris Danner--1949

These photos capture the early courtship of John and Doris Danner. John grew up at 72 North Ritter Avenue while Doris grew up south of Irvington. After their marriage, they decided to stay in the neighborhood and lived for many years in the Danner Home before moving to University Avenue.

The top photo shows the couple standing in the backyard of 72 North Ritter Avenue. Only the garage of that property is visible, but the rear of 76 and 80-82 North Ritter Avenue (a double) can be seen in the image.

In the bottom photo, the Danners stand along the street in front of 72 North Ritter and next to a hulk of a car. The wonderful Victorian/Queen Anne porch still remained at 76 North Ritter and it looks like Elizabeth M. Marquette, a widow and resident of 76, has placed stones around her property. The double beyond 76 North Ritter at 80-82 N. Ritter was occupied by Charles E. and Cleo K. Hunter on one side and Vernon and Leta H. Nagle on the other side in 1949. These images are courtesy of the Danner Family.

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