Saturday, August 13, 2011

South Arlington Avenue in 1941/2011

These two small bungalows, likely built in the 1920s, stand at 561 and 569 South Arlington Avenue near Brookville Road. The historic image, taken in 1941, shows that the street was a quiet narrow path and the area around the homes was largely pasture and meadow. It was a nice country setting.

In 2011, the street is busy and has been widened as it is a major thoroughfare that stretches from southern Marion County to East 56th Street. The lots, which were largely undeveloped in 1941, were bought up in the 1950s and 60s. Developers built modest homes on the empty lots and a factory and several commercial businesses sprang up along Brookville Road.

The photographer of the historic 1941 picture clearly aimed for the cute dog running towards the camera, but in the background you can see 561 and 569 South Arlington Avenue.

The contemporary photos taken in 2011 show the area today. 561 South Arlington is still largely intact and relatively unaltered. Only the front porch has been enclosed. 569 South Arlington has been encased in vinyl siding and many of the windows have been changed out.

The historic image is courtesy of Helen Hunt.

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