Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Finches of Irvington

Lewis S. and Louie Mae Jones Finch lived in several homes in Irvington with their sons Richard, George, Robert, and John. While living in Irvington, Mr. Finch worked for the Indiana State Board of Health. It appears that the young couple rented homes along Bolton, Good, Burgess, Drexel, and Layman Avenues.

In the top photos, a very young George Finch attempts to make a snowman in front of 368-370 Good Avenue. Behind him you can see what the 300 block of Good Avenue looked like in 1928. In the first photo you will note the large triangular home at 5905-07 University. More of views of this double may be found by clicking on the "University Avenue" link below.

The contemporary images show 368-70 Good Avenue today and what the street looks like in 2012. More images will be forthcoming from the Finch family collection. The historic images are courtesy of Evan Finch.

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