Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ohmer Avenue Crew in 1941 and 1947

Many children lived with their families in the newly-built cottages along Ohmer and Butler Avenues. Some dwelled in the older and taller homes nearby. In these two photos, children pause from playing outside for a photo. In the top photo, the kids gather at the Ward Home at 238 Ohmer Avenue. The matriarch of that family, Mae Yoho Ward, worked across the street at the Missions Building. She had traveled all over the world and spent extensive time in Argentina as a missionary. Her photo is included as well. The children seen on the front porch of the Ward Home in 1941 include: Top Row--Bill Parrey (306 Ohmer), Mike and Cliff Wagoner (215 South Ohmer), Don Ward (238 Ohmer), and Morgan Sly (?) Bottom Row--Neal Lindeman (218 Ohmer Avenue), Nancy Pflueger (230 Ohmer Avenue), and Susie Westlake (234 Ohmer Avenue)

In the bottom photo taken in 1947, several neighborhood children pose near the Missions Building on the Ohmer Avenue side. This view is not possible today because the Disciples of Christ added a wing onto the structure in the 1950s. Pictured in this photo: Top--Nancy Plfueger, Tudie Applegate, Susie Westlake, Carolyn Carpenter; Bottom Row--Janet Pflueger, Melinda and Jimmy Lynch

The images showing the children of the neighborhood are courtesy of Sue Westlake Thompson.

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